about Äva Artisan Jewelry...

Äva Jewelry is made of sterling silver, gold & silver plated chains and clasps, also brass & bronze pieces too. Quality and unusual stones are incorporated into designs with a twist. Classic designs become a bit eclectic, boho designs become a bit more traditional... and some pieces are bit ethereal... all with a feminine, one of a kind flare in mind. No two pieces are alike, so you will be wearing an original artisan piece.

I have also incorporated another passion into Äva jewelry...essential oils. Each piece of Äva contains a lava stone at the neck or on the wrist. The wrist & nape of the neck are contact points where the healing benefits of oils are most readily used by our bodies. So, for each piece of Äva you purchase containing a lava stone, you will receive a small bottle of the essential oil of your choosing.


Äva uses only the purest essential oils...dōTERRA Brand Oils... and when it comes to oils, you get what you pay for. Rest assured, that with Äva, you are receiving the purest oil for the best healing benefits.


Hence the name Äva... ahhhh-va with the lava!


If you would like to learn more about 

dōTERRA Essential oils, please visit www.mydoterra.com/amyfedorov